Integração e dependencia

A integração da África no mercado mundial e perspectivas
  • I.Wallerstein, ‘The three stages of African involvement in the world economy’, in P. Gutkind & I. Wallerstein (eds), The Political Economy of Contemporary Africa (1976), pp. 30-57. Reprinted in Wallerstein, Africa and the Modern World (1986).
  • Amin, Samir – Underdevelopment and Dependence in Black Africa – Origins and Contemporary Forms, Journal of Modern African Studies, 10, 4, 1972
  • Coquery-Vidrovitch, C. – La mise en dépendance de l’Afrique Noire. Essai de périodisation, 1800 – 1970, Cahiers d’Etudes Africaines, 61-62, XVI (1-2), 1976
    Dívida externa 
  • How did the heavily indebted poor countries become heavily indebted? Reviewing 2 decades of debt reliefWorld Development, 30, no. 10, (October 2002): 1677 – 1696.
  • Cooper, Frederick (2002) Africa since 1940: the Past of the Present
  • Leys, Colin (1996) The rise and fall of development theory, 107-134

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