Petróleo na Nigéria

Reports from non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

Amnesty International

Rape: the Silent Weapon — Nov 2006 Read

Ten years on: injustice and violence haunt the oil Delta — Nov 2005 Read

Center for Democracy and Development

Legislation and the Electoral Process: Third Term Agenda – April 2006 Read

2007 Elections: Democracy in Nigeria at a Crossroads – 2005 Read

Center for International Policy

Convergent Interests: U.S. Energy Security and the Securing of Nigerian Democracy – Feb 2007 Read

Council on Foreign Relations

MEND: The Niger Delta’s Umbrella Militant Group – March 2007 Read

Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity

Commission of Nobel Laureates on Peace, Equity and Development in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria – Dec 2006 Read

Foreign Policy Institute

Alienation and Militancy in the Niger Delta: A Response to CSIS on Petroleum, Politics, and Democracy in Nigeria – July, 2003 Read

Human Rights Watch

Criminal Politics: Violence, “Godfathers” and Corruption in Nigeria – Oct 2007 Read

Chop Fine: The Human Rights Impact of Local Government Corruption and Mismanagement in Rivers State, Nigeria – Jan 2007 Read

Government Discrimination Against “Non-Indigenes” in Nigeria – April 2006 Read

Rivers and Blood: Guns, Oil and Power in Nigeria’s Rivers State – February 2005 Read

The Warri Crisis: Fueling Violence – Nov 2003 Read

The Niger Delta: No Democratic Dividend – Oct 2002 Read

International Crisis Group

Ending Unrest in the Niger Delta – Dec 2007 Read

Failed Elections, Failing State? – May 2007 Read

Nigeria’s elections: Avoiding a political crisis – March 2007 Read

Nigeria’s Faltering Federal Experiment – Oct 2006 Read

Fueling the Niger Delta Crisis – Sept 2006 Read

The Swamps of Insurgency: Nigeria’s Delta Unrest – Aug 2006 Read

Nigeria: Want in the Midst of Plenty – July 2006 Read

National Democratic Institute

Nigerian Election Watch – Nov 2006 Read

Statement Of The National Democratic Institute (Ndi) International Pre-Election Delegation to Nigeria’s 2007 Elections – May 2006 Read

Niger Delta Professionals for Development

Environmental Degradation in the Niger Delta – Nov 2006 Read

Stakeholder Democracy Network

The Triple Threat – Sept 2006 Read

United Nations

Niger Delta Human Development Report – 2006 Read

Articles from international journals and media

International Journals

The Curse of Oil – Virginia Quarterly Review, Winter 2007 Read

Empire of Oil: Capitalist Dispossession and the Scramble for Africa – Monthly Review 2006 Read

Nigerian Commoners’ Gifts to Humanity: Climate Justice and the Abuja Declaration for Energy Sovereignty – Academic paper 2006 Read

The Economy of Conflict in the Oil Rich Niger Delta Region of Nigeria – Nordic Journal of African Studies, 2005 Read

Engendering Civil Society: Oil, Women Groups and Resource Conflicts in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria – Journal of Modern Africa Studies, 2005 Read

Oil for Nothing: Multinational Corporations, Environmental Destruction, Death and Impunity in the Niger Delta – U.S.-based NGO Delegation, 1999 Read

News reports

Gas Flaring Disrupts Life in Oil-Producing Niger Delta – NPR, July 2007 Read

Ransom Tears Niger Delta Militants Apart – Daily Champion, March 2007 Read

Curse of the Black Gold – National Geographic, Feb 2007 Read

Nigeria: U.S. Marines And the Niger Delta – Daily Champion guest column, Feb 2007 Read

Nigerian Leader Blames Criminals for Delta Violence – VOA news online, Feb 2007 Read

Country profile: Nigeria – BBC, Jan 2007 Read

2006 – Terrible Year for the Nigerian Child – Daily Champion, Jan 2007 Read

Nigeria’s oily economy too slippery for poor – Business Africa, Dec 2006 Read

Money and Violence Hobble Democracy in Nigeria – New York Times, Nov 2006 Read

Q&A: Nigeria’s oil violence – BBC, Oct 2006 Read

Niger Delta: Behind The Mask – Pambazuka News, Oct 2006 (part 1 of 3) Read

MEND: Anatomy Of A Peoples’ Militia – Pambazuka News, Nov 2006 (part 2 of 3) Read

Niger Delta: Restoring the rights of citizens – Pambazuka News, Nov 2006 (part 3 of 3) Read

The Niger Delta Blues – Council on Foreign Relations, Oct 2006 Read

Oil, poverty and violence – Amnesty International, Aug 2006 Read

Violence and corruption plague a vast nation – Reuters Aug 2006 Read

Trade and Human Rights in the Niger Delta of Nigeria – World Hunger, June 2006 Read

Nigeria’s Deadly Days – Time Magazine Europe, May 2006 Read

Nigeria’s shadowy oil rebels – BBC, April 2006 Read

Crude Tactics: As Oil Supplies are Stretched, Rebels, Terrorists Get New Clout – Wall Street Journal, April 2006 Read

Death Rules Niger Delta in Battle to Control Oil (by Ken Saro-Wiwa’s son) – The Observer, March 2006 Read

Grievances Fuel Insurgency, Says Nigeria Media – Washington Post, March 2006 Read

The Nigerian Delta’s troubled waters – BBC, Feb 2006 Read

Blood Flows With Oil in Poor Nigerian Villages – New York Times, Jan 2006 Read

The Curse of Oil – Environmental Rights Action, Jan 2006 Read

Strangers in a Dazzling Night: A Mix of Oil and Misery – New York Times, Dec 2005 Read

New evidence of human rights violations in oil-rich Niger Delta – News Amnesty, Nov 2005 Read

Nobel Peace Laureate Wangari Maathai and Son of Executed Nigerian Activist Ken Wiwa Discuss Oil and the Environment – Democracy Now, Sept 2005 Read

Oil Money Divides Nigeria – NPR, Aug 2005 Read

The Niger Delta – a crisis unlikely to go away – IRIN News, April 2003 Read

Organizations active in Niger Delta issues and projects

African Action Website

Amnesty International Website

Centre for Environment, Human Rights and Development Website

Committee to Protect Journalists Website

Council on Foreign Relations Website

Crisis Group International Website

Justice in Nigeria Now Website

Niger Delta Professionals for Development Website

Niger Delta Women for Justice Website

Oil Change International Website

Stakeholder Democracy Network Website


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